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Photovoltaic system on a key

Electricity production

ELPROM SERVICE Ltd. operates in the market for photovoltaic systems for the third year. During this period we have delivered the material and produced a solar power plant in the Czech Republic on the overall performance of 13 MW. We implemented the photovoltaic power plant in green bonus as well as direct sales. At present we are dealing with the concept design of a hybrid system where the customer is connected to a system of small wind turbines in combination with photovoltaic power plant, which is attained higher efficiency in this system. This system may be also proposed in the island mode of operation, the customer is dependent only on the homeland of electricity production and the failure of this system is automaticky connected to the distribution network.

The photovoltaic effect


It all began in 1839 accidentaly discovered a young French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerell. In experiments with metal electrodes immersed in an electrolyte found that, when the illumination will pass through a small stream. The first actual solar cell (without electrolyte) using selenium created Adams Day "in 1877. An important step towards modern photovoltaic articles, the preparation of silicon monocryslal what was developed by Jan Czchoralski and  Russell S. Ohl patented later in 1946 in the U.S.. A major impetus for the development and use of photovoltaic cells as an energy source for artificial satellites. The more earthly use occurred in the seventies following the oil crisis, when to seek ways to get rid of dependence on petroleum. A. Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 explaining the fotovoltaic effect using E = m . c2.

                       A. E. Becquerel                                                       R. N. Adams                                                      J. Czchoralski                                                         A. Einstein

PresentDirect use of solar energy include the protection of the environment of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly methods of electricity production. It is an energy source, which is and will naturally enough. At present, however, can be obtained from one meter of active area up to only 110 kWh of electricity per year. In comparison with other sources of energy in our electricity production using solar energy (photovoltaic) systems are still too expensive.

Solar power 40 trillion exceeds the theoretical consumption of humanity. Today, however, it can only use part of it. Of the total incident radiation 180 000 terawatts to about a quarter reflected back into space, less than a fifth is absorbed in the atmosphere and almost half is converted into heat in the Earth's surface. About half a per mille (90 terawatts) varies across the photosynthesis of green plants and phytoplankton in the chemical energy stored in biomass.

We provide these services

  • Assessment and creation of photovoltaic system
  • Choosing the best technology and design
  • Creation of project documentation
  • Processing of applications
  • Supply and installation of turnkey
  • Connecting a PV system to the provider of distribution network
  • Review and bringing the system into operation
  • Monitoring of photovoltaic systems
  • Service